Vietmamese dating etiquette

In return, the guests give envelopes containing wedding cards, money gifts and a blessing to the newly wedded couple.© Haivenu – all rights reserved.Disclaimer: Whilst we make every effort to keep our website updated, and at all times give fair and honest assessments, we cannot be held responsible for inacuracies or changes which have escaped our notice.They each carry a tray covered in a red cloth, or alternatively a large red and gold canister, containing gifts of betel leaves, areca nuts, wine, fruit, cakes, tea and so on.Each young woman hands her male counterpart a small amount of money to designate that they are ‘working’ – there is a superstition that being an unpaid helper at a wedding will mean that you won’t marry.The actual request is made by a party comprising the young man's parents, or aunt and uncle if he is an orphan, and a go-between who go to meet the young woman's parents.

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They then bow their heads towards each other to show their gratitude and respect to their soon-to-be husband or wife.A Master of Ceremonies (usually a respected person chosen from the bride's relatives) instructs the bride’s parents to present their daughter. The ceremony The wedding ceremony begins in front of the altar.The bride and the groom kneel down and pray, asking their ancestors' permission to be married and their blessing on their family-to-be.Another obvious difference is the average age of the couple.In the past, a groom of 20 with an 18-year-old bride would be considered an ideal couple.

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