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The mimosa was pulpy and thick, with not a lot of champagne, but it came with an orange peel on top. It comes in a French press large enough to hold just a cup-full, and also with steamed milk, which is a nice, luxurious touch.

In celebration of the King’s birthday, we ordered the Elvis French toast for the table to share.

But before you get into the fun stuff, there are some basics you should cover first. Brought to you by David Hall, Equity Resources, Inc.

There are many steps to the home buying process and sometimes it can be confusing, stressful, and intimidating.

I sat in the bar area of what I thought was the front room of the restaurant, waiting patiently for my ever-tardy ladies to arrive.

Though you hardly need to venture off the core brunch—as I said earlier, the menu is enormous. There are lots of quirks, such as the “brunchies,” which include buttermilk biscuit with pear butter, ham, onion & cheddar scone, spiced pumpkin muffin, salted caramel pecan sticky bun, or chocolate cherry hazelnut biscotti for a piece.

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Hike the great outdoors, learn about history and local culture with our museums and arts venues, enjoy our wonderful restaurants and pubs.

In addition to a slew of breakfast dishes, there’s also pasta, sandwiches, cheeses and charcuterie to select from.

At first impression, we felt like we were going to be well taken care of by the attentive service. Though, in the end, they continuously forgot things we asked for or took to long to get back to us (to the point where we had to ask a manager for our coffee and the right sausage that we ordered, which never showed up).

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