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מגמא מוכרת ומתאימה לשימוש לקוחותיה מגנטי פריט ומגנטי עופרות נדירות – ניאודימיום וסמריום-קובלט.המגנטים של מגמא משמשים למגוון ליישומים בכל ענפי התעשייה, כמו גם לטכנולוגיה המהפכנית ופורצת הדרך- מגנטים מחוממים רדיאלית.השירותים שלנו כוללים עיצוב, ייעוץ ומבדקי בקרת איכות מהקפדניים ביותר, המותאמים לסטנדרט העולמי.למגמא מעבדה משוכללת מצוידת במיטב המכשור העדכני, המעבדה היחידה מסוגה בישראל.Om du ikke er fornøyd med hvordan Flash-avspilleren fungerer på maskinen din, kan du forsøke å bytte til HTML-5 versjonen av siden ved å klikke på "rockeren".Husk dog at HTML-5 versjonen av nettsiden har begrensede funksjoner (ikke-optimal video kvalitet mulighet for forsinkede videostrømmer).Though the event was somewhat revealing of the sharp divide between some art galleries in Manhattan's upscale Chelsea neighborhood (in this case, literally a line in a wall). It’s parked suspiciously in the center of the space, surrounded by a crowd wearing Sergey Brin cut-out masks and what looks to be Google Glass — a closer look reveals they’re actually counterfeit 3D-printed frames made to look like Glass; the folks wearing them are coincidentally mingling with a lone Google employee wearing the real thing. Roth is standing in front of his newest piece, "Ideas Worth Spreading," a full stage and video recording setup that allows anyone to record their own TED talk, complete with awkward microphone headset and trademark-infringing stage props. But Roth urges deeper participation, encouraging visitors to bring their own slides and upload their talks online to fully experience the kind of empowerment normally reserved for TED’s intellectual elite. Both technologies are almost like phantoms right now: futuristic, but just "real" enough to be ripe for trolling (or as F.

אנו מציעים מגנטים בהתאמה אישית, מעוצבים לכל צורך ייחודי.And it does a pretty decent job describing what they do. GOLD is a kind of graffiti art carnival that only the internet could produce: costume shop gold chains are adorned with i Phone bling, a wall is plastered with the digitally battered-and-bruised face of Mark Zuckerberg, and a seated dummy is covered in yarn stretched from its head to the recognizable outline of a laptop computer. Lab has become known for: contemporary art tempered with the raw viral power of an internet meme.On display at the Eyebeam Art Technology Center in New York City, the group’s five-year retrospective F. It’s exactly the kind of lighthearted irreverence F. The cavernous venue is packed as people line up for free booze and a turn at a nearby kiosk that links your Facebook account to a Big Brother-approved "national identity" card.For å bruke alle funksjoner på siden må du tillate visning av Flash-innhold i nettleseren din.Klikk på "rockeren" for å tillate bruk av Flash i nettleseren din.

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