Who is ben roethlisberger dating

They married in Pittsburgh, and Ashley became pregnant four months afterward.

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When Roethlisberger asked about the initials, "Garofalo explained that 'DTF' stood for 'down to fuck' and that it referred to a joke between" the women.

He said he didn’t really know love until you have a child.

Ashley works as a physician’s assistant in the cardiac surgery department of the Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh.

When the athlete's entourage returned to Roethlisberger's home, Aurila--who had noticed cops speaking with the NFL star at Capital City--asked Roethlisbeger what happened.

"Roethlisberger explained to Aurila that nothing had happened," and that he was "in the back with a girl and they were 'messing around.'" Aurila recalled that Roethlisberger said the "girl slipped and he helped her up and then came back out." Aurila noted that "he took 'messing around' to mean 'kissing, whatever,'" according to a GBI report.

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