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We bet she and Ellen are having SUPER celebratory cuddles in their mil Beverly Hills mansion right now, LOLz!! Show runner Bryan Fuller and director Bryan Singer promise this will be a darker and more macabre version than your parents watched on TV!!Portia’s matriarchal Munster was originally meant to be played by Mariana Klaveno of is back with more claims, this time from poor fans who had no idea what they were walking into when they spotted their fave celebrity chef out in public.Aaron is hot in an HGTV way (I’m not the only one who sees a No Name Scott Mc Gillivray, right?), he’s not a thirsty fame whore, he gives it 110% in auditions, and he shows up looking cute on the red carpet. Here’s Nicollette, Aaron and her giant wedding ring at a Hallmark Channel event in January.And although she filed for a re-trial, her request was rejected, which led her to appeal to the Supreme Court! Nicollette Sheridan took her pooch for a stroll through Malibu, keeping it simple with a tank and shorts.But its chief justice Tani Cantil-Sakayue has determined Who's that cutie looking all foxy and GORGEOUS?!?!?! With the scorching heat, it's hard to wear ANYTHING outside!!!

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Sheridan married Aaron Phypers in 2015 and filed for divorce on 2016.After her 2005 break up with Soderblom, Sheridan reunited with ex-boyfriend Simon Main that she had dated in 1997 but called off their romance after being jailed in 2000.Then she reunited with her ex-boyfriend Michael Bolton, whom she had originally dated for five years starting in 1992.(And no, he didn't try anything with Blake Lively.) Related: Batali Booted From Restaurant Group After 'Deeply Disturbing' Sexual Assault Claims Natalie Tene, who shared her photo with the food site, says when she met Batali at a Boston bar, he offered to take selfies with her -- then got handsy for the camera.Nicollette Sheridan is an English television and film actress and former model.

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