Who is letoya luckett dating

Fans and followers have since been congratulating the couple non-stop.

I asked Le Toya about her current relationship status and this is what she had to say…or didn’t say: Okay Le Toya! “Tina is a wonderful woman, she’s been married to a guy a long time, trying to understand the whole athletic, athlete, that lifestyle.There were numerous pictures of them together and it was not a secret of their relationship.Many times, constantly posting pictures on social media of your relationship early on in the dating process simply invites the opinions, thoughts, and feelings of parties who have no investment or direct involvement in your relationship. Luckett stated in her exclusive Essence interview, “I feel it’s very important to build your foundation first before sharing your relationship with the world.” If you don’t know his religious beliefs; where he stands on important issues concerning his morals and values, social media is not where you need to proclaim your relationship status.While she usually remains private, she recently decided to go public with her boyfriend of 2 years, producer Jo Blaq.In an interview with KTLA she gushed about how she knew he was the one!

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