Who is shailene woodley dating in real life 2016

The actor also realized that there is a need to constantly pursue change, and that actors always undergo a process of learning and development.

Despite their rumored “romantic relationship,” has been helping out with the refugee families in Greece.

She believes that the media is a big influence to this generation's modern lifestyle.

Whatever hopes and notions that fans of the “Divergent” movie series are entertaining on the possibility of Theo James and Shailene Woodley dating or taking their on-cam chemistry to the next level in real life have come to an end, following reports that the British actor has already been engaged to his British actress-girlfriend Ruth Kearney.

She would only remove it when she was to start filming or go swimming.

The two have been linked to each other since early last year, as both of them happen to have similar interests and hobbies.

Apparently, it was the best move on the part of both Theo James and Ruth Kearney to quash all speculations that their relationship is under threat from Shailene Woodley.

Because of their on-cam chemistry, most fans are hoping that Theo and Shailene, who plays Four and Tris, respectively, in the “Divergent” movie series based on the novel of Veronica Roth, should consider going out because they really look good together.

Naturally when a news like that hits the tabloids or anywhere in the media, the stars’ real life partners are the ones who get a bit worried or insecure.

So now that the two stars have wrapped up the shoot of “Divergent” film series, the person happiest about this was Shailene’s boyfriend Nahko Bear along with Theo’s girlfriend Ruth Kearney.

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