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Despite a minor loss in momentum, Bridges is one of the most NBA-ready players projected to be selected in the lottery.

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With the playoffs in full swing, most observers are focused in on the battles for conference supremacy.

He does nearly everything well, from ball handling to rebounding to shooting, and he can play both ends of the floor.

His athleticism is his calling card, and that added to everything else he does well makes him a lock for some measure of NBA success.

On the other hand, if he falls to the Sixers or Hornets or Clippers, some non-tanking team could end up with one of the biggest stars of the draft.

Coming into his sophomore season, Bridges was considered one of the top NBA prospects in college basketball, and while that is still true to a certain extent, his stock dropped a bit this past season while several players—including his teammate Jaren Jackson, Jr.—saw their own stocks rise.

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