Windows 7 clients not updating dns

The following articles describe manually changing DNS settings for Windows and Mac OS X computers: After successful testing, it's time to start utilizing the VAs for production DNS traffic.

In most network environments using Windows Server, local IP addressing is handled via the DHCP Manager.

windows 7 clients not updating dns-31

UPDATE: Our reader "Dan" reported that you might also need to install following updates to solve this issue: After installing these updates, restart your computer and then check for new updates using Windows Update.Now it's time to test and eventually point production DNS traffic towards them.In order to begin enforcing your settings, DNS traffic from the endpoints on your network must exclusively use the VAs as DNS forwarder.First, change an endpoint's DNS settings to the IPs of the VAs, and then verify the following: Umbrella recommends testing for between 2 and 5 days with several computers, preferably from different areas of your organization, before switching all production traffic to the VAs.If DNS fails to resolve after modifying your DNS settings, double check the firewall requirements outlined in our Prerequisites article have been met.

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