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Shit tests are meant to see if you have boundaries, if you’re insecure, and/or how strong your frame is.Here are some common shit tests: Generally speaking, any insult about your appearance is a shit test (when you’re hitting on a girl).They would try to they would come up with a bunch of reasons why the girl should sleep with them. “Oh no, that’s okay—it makes me more attainable.” or “Nah, being short is cool.Tall guys cant fit through doors and shit.” Boom—I accept the fact that I’m short, but I RE-FRAME it.Obviously she’s going to know you’re joking, but you still passed the test—these comments show her that you’re not insecure about your car. To be honest “amplifying the frame” is a great strategy, but it’s limited.It’s best to also combine it with the second strategy.

Her shit tests shook your frame and exposed your insecurities. If, however, her tests don’t faze you, it usually means that you have strong frame control. Forge your own beliefs and believe in them so strongly that nothing can shake you.

You’re dancing, vibing to the sound of Calvin Harris’s deep bass, when suddenly a stunning girl catches your eye. A lot of guys may get angry when they first realize that women test men.

After lots of internal struggle, you work up the courage to go talk to her. You walk away feeling completely rejected, and wallow in self-pity for the rest of the night. “What bitches,” the newbie may spout—or, “That’s so mean.” Or even worse, sometimes they can’t even accept it. The reason that women test men is because they have to; this is how they figure out if you’re actually confident or not.

I’m interested in this guy, but I need to make sure he’s the real deal.” And the best way to that you’re the real deal is to pass her shit tests.

Generally speaking, there are two strategies that I use to pass any shit test.

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