Xbox library not updating

Home You may be unable to add/remove/edit content blocks by pressing Y.System Setup – Kinect When setting up a Kinect during the initial console set-up experience, the setup fails when tuning audio.System Update Resolved an issue which sometimes caused the console to get stuck at a loading screen (with a loading spinner only) when downloading a system update.Party Chat Resolved an issue which sometimes caused party chat to crash in the Guide.Updated January 24, 2018: The dedicated game pass tab apparently didn't roll out with yesterday's build, but it is with a new build rolling out today.Continuing to build upon the feature set of the next Xbox One update, Microsoft has unveiled a new pre-release build on its way to select users.From this point onwards the xbox seems to hang and the only way out is to restart the xbox.

For those not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, the tab will not be displayed.I just bought my daughter a brand new Xbox and it is exhibiting the same problem as the extenders. Oh yea, my HTPC that all of the extenders and Xbox's are connected to will display everything! Hey mate, i managed to fix my problem the other day.I'm not sure if it'll be of any help to you, hopefully it is.Rolling out to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha preview ring, today's update introduces a new dedicated Xbox Game Pass tab in the console's games library, alongside various fixes.The biggest change in this latest update is a new Xbox Game Pass tab, located on the left-hand menu of "My games & apps." Next to existing options, such as "Games" and "Ready to install" tabs, this shifts all Xbox Game Pass subscription titles into a dedicated area.

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